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les bisous du grand méchant loup
by Jean Leroy
Pictures by Laurent Simon

I love how the wolf head puppet works with every scene-- as he shivers in an ice cold bath, coughs in a black plume of smoke, and escapes an attack of sweet gum balls. The felt wolf and energetic art are joyful.


haiku baby
by Betsy Snyder

This board book is wonderful, and I enjoyed reading this with my son in his first year. Tiny details like dots of flowers, special speckled paper, pretty patterns, and watercolor on the cute smiling characters bring out the magpie in me. Each page is like looking at a treasure.


by Judy Cox
Pictures by Paul Meisel

I have read this story so many times that I have lost count. I especially adore the Witch and Santa cameos and that Groundhog gets to enjoy so many seasonal treats and stories. Groundhog vs insomnia? GROUNDHOG!!


by Sara Varon

About a dog who builds a robot and the ups and downs of friendship, this comic is true to life. It is a fun, emotional rollercoaster of a story told with lovely drawings and cute characters. The story is a heart breaker and I love it. p.s. See ROBOT DREAMS the movie!


by Janik Coat

These blue rhinos are super cute. The pages utilize lots of white space, and readers are rewarded with tactile surprises! The illustration for "stinky" and "inky" got me... At first I thought someone had vandalized my precious book copy. Publisher, you got me!


counting kisses
by Karen Katz

I'm into painted patterns, and Katz's book is filled with charming dots, hearts, plaids, and squiggles. Colors are bright, the art is emotive showing a warm family, and there is even a fun counting aspect to the story. And then it's bedtime! What's not to love?


Goodnight Lulu
by Paulette Bogan

This is the sweetest bedtime book ever, and the author Paulette Bogan is just as wonderful. I met her at an SCBWI conference ten years ago and totally geeked out. She is the real deal.


Too Many Bunnies
by Matt Novak

This smart little book has cracked me up for YEARS. The story line is great and comes full circle, and the art is superbly goofy. I also enjoy the bonus visual story line with the angry insects.


The Pig of Happiness
by Edward Monkton

I love this book. The concept of happiness seeping and leaking into the world is extremely gross but great. And the simple pig illustrations make me smile.


by Jon Agee

Agee's paintings feel easy and true = MAD SKILLS. His world building and storytelling are awesome, and I love the kid astronaut narrator's voice which is delightfully whiny yet full of ego.


by Jan Thomas

Good title! The silly cows get on stage fast, on the paste-down! Then they plop, jump, and dance on chicken's couch. With bold lines and bright colors (chartreuse!), this book IS lots of fun!


George and Martha
by James Marshall

I've spent many a lazy afternoon with George and Martha. These two have a gorgeous friendship, and I love hippos even more because of them. Marshall's illustrations just make me giggle.


Good Boy
by Sergio Ruzzier

Perfect flap copy... "This is the story of a boy and his dog. Or is it a dog and his boy?" I appreciate the watercolor work, controlled yet feels loose. Brushstrokes corral colors, yet the art feels free and playful. A lovely book.


Dear Zoo
by Rod Campbell

To discover which zoo animal is being delivered, you will want to hurry up and lift the flap. You will also want to find out what pet the kid gets at the end, a real incentive to turn the page. DEAR ZOO is simple and classic.


BiNg BaNg BOinG
by Douglas Florian

Florian's writing and curious drawings are fresh and inspiring. The weirder, the more endearing! My favorite poem in this book is "Aunt Esther." My favorite drawing is "Mrs. Mason's Long Red Hair."Which did you like?


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