Susie's News: Sept 2016
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Sept 2016: Children's Book Illustrator Group (CBIG)- Art Directory

I have been a member of CBIG for at least a dozen years now! This is a great group of illustrators in the NYC area that meets up every other month to talk about children's books and illustration opportunities.

ABOUT CBIG - The Children's Book Illustrators Group was started in 1987 by a group of Brooklyn children's book illustrators to share publishing information and experiences. In its current incarnation, CBIG is a group of mainly NYC-area illustrators and author/illustrators, from neophytes to published pros, in children's publishing and related fields. With about 60 members, there is a CBIG Illustrator for every need in the kids' publishing industry.

Click here to visit the CBIG Blog and to see our 2016 CBIG Art Directory.



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